Unified Construction self-performs a variety of advanced demolition techniques and machine operations to more efficiently execute demolition projects. The combination of our in-house equipment, thorough training and adherence to safety practices gives us the confidence to perform these techniques and operate the equipment to get the job done.

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Electric Brokk Work

UCG performs electric Brokk services for the most challenging demolition situations. With talented Brokk operators and equipment to fit many different needs, UCG can execute heavy demolition activities within any environment safely and efficiently.

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Floor Grinding

No matter the project size, Unified can perform floor grinding services to help with all your project needs.  UCG’s team of trained floor grinding professionals can tackle the most challenging projects.  Utilizing the latest technology, UCG’s floor grinding equipment is state-of-the-art and will leave your floors clean and ready for the following trades.


Saw Cutting

UCG’s experienced team of saw cutting professionals will assist with all of your saw cutting needs.  Using the industry’s latest equipment, UCG can plan and execute the most challenging saw cutting operations.  With capabilities to handle projects of any size, UCG’s fleet of saw cutting equipment is always ready to go.


Core Drilling

UCG’s full fleet of core drilling equipment can help with any core drilling scope.  From large to small, horizontally to vertically, UCG’s team of expert core drillers will complete the job right from start to finish every time.


Dumpster Service

Whether you need a live load, debris pick-up with our compactor truck, or a 30 yard roll-off dumpsters, UCG can service all of your debris removal needs.  With 24/7 service, UCG can provide emergency or scheduled debris removal services for clients throughout the region.

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Unified Abatement Services

Abatement services is often a crucial part of a successful and safe demolition project. Our trade partner, Unified Abatement Services, can be contracted to remediate mold, remove and dispose of lead paint and asbestos. UAS will work with UCG to ensure proper coordination of abatement and demolition work.