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Jay Grieves

President | General Manager 


Cesar De Castro

VP of Field Operations


Jay has 18 years of commercial construction experience in the Boston market. After graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology, he started his career with a medium sized Construction Management firm filling roles as both a superintendent and project manager. Taking advantage of the opportunity to start his own construction company, Jay started Unified Construction Group in 2015 as an outlet to implement years of knowledge to change the demolition business in the New England construction market.

Beginning his construction career as a union laborer, Cesar has specialized in demolition for over 15 years and understands the ins and outs of all aspects of the demolition and general labor industry. Cesar is responsible for overseeing the scheduling of all field related activities including union laborers, union foreman, and all subcontractors. During his 5 years with Unified, Cesar has coordinated field operations which has allowed us to expertly manage our extensive work force.

Drew Peckham

VP of Risk Management & Employee Development 


Drew started his construction career building residential homes on Cape Cod before transitioning to the Boston area with Suffolk Construction. With over 10 years of healthcare construction experience, Drew specializes in the safe planning and execution of work within challenging environments. Dedicated to the safety of UCG’s daily operations, Drew’s role as Corporate Safety and Risk Manager is to ensure the safety and well-being of UCG’s entire workforce.

Diane Capra 

VP of Finance & Administration


Diane has been a key member of the Unified team and has been with the company since day one. She started working in construction as an Administrative Assistant and is now the Vice President of Finance and Administration. Diane has overseen and continues to manage the growth, development and day to day functions of all financial and administrative operations. 

Project Management


Jim Sullivan

Project Executive | Healthcare 


Greg Faria 

Project Executive | Commercial Group


From achieving his BS in Construction Management at Wentworth to working for Walsh Brothers, G. Greene and Suffolk Construction as a PM, Jim Sullivan brings highly diverse construction management experience to Unified where he successfully manages projects of varying complexity. Focusing on the healthcare and life science sectors, Jim brings his twenty years of working for general contractors to perspective. Jim finds the business and management aspects of all projects that he works on to be incredibly rewarding as he incorporates the interconnection of operations and business development into his project management.

Greg has held nearly every position in the industry during his 33 years working in union construction. His twenty years of field demolition experience heavily contributes to his success and accuracy as an estimator and project manager. Greg specializes in phased, multi-floor projects and enjoys the challenge of working with an aggressive schedule on interior and structural demolition. Greg also specializes in hotel renovations and laboratory demolition projects.

Steve Morse 

Senior Project Manager | Commercial Group


After earning his graduate degree from Northeastern University, Steve began his construction career as an estimator and project manager in 2011. After several years successfully managing demolition work for Diversified, Steve made the transition to Unified Construction Group in 2015. With a focus on tenant interior projects in the downtown Boston market, Steve maintains close working relationships with many of Boston's most acclaimed general contractors and looks forward to a continued success as the City of Boston continues to grow.

Jaclyn Courchaine

Assistant Project Manager & Marketing Coordinator


Jaclyn began her career in the construction industry with Unified 3 years ago as an Administrative Assistant. As Unified grew as a company, Jaclyn grew with it and now works with Unified as an Assistant Project Manager in the Final Cleaning Division and Marketing Coordinator. Holding various positions allows Jaclyn to look at projects and manage them from all angles. 

Joey Giannino

Assistant Project Manager


After completing a management degree from UMass Boston and seven years’ experience as a site super for commercial and residential general contractors, Joey came to Unified to work with a tight-knit and experienced team of construction professionals. As part of the Healthcare and Life Science Division, Joey collaborates with the team to estimate and manage projects.  

Jackie Kelley

Project Manager | Final Cleaning


Jackie Kelley has been with Unified for over two years spearheading our final cleaning division. Prior to her career with Unified, Jackie spent 8 years working at Shawmut and ended her tenure there as an APM in the tenant interiors sector. The experience she gathered from Shawmut has propelled the Unified team to excel in final cleaning projects involving tenant fit outs, renovations, healthcare projects as well as retail and restaurant projects. Jackie’s strengths of communication with our clients, problem solving, and prioritizing allow for Unified’s success with projects of all sizes.

Angelo Pereira

Estimator | Project Manager 


Angelo has over 15 years experience in commercial construction throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Initially, he studied to become an Aircraft Mechanic, but decided to follow an alternate career path in construction. After spending many years in the field as a Union Laborer and Foreman, Angelo acquired experience from ranging from small interior demolition projects to large scale projects.

Nick Sullivan

Assistant Project Manager


Nick joins the Unified team bringing a Masters of Science degree along with a prior internship at a local construction company where he worked on various job sites as well as helped supervise projects. This combination of science and construction experience makes his current role as APM in the Healthcare and Life Sciences department very fitting. Nick works with the healthcare team to estimate and mange projects.

John Coppola


John has more than 30 years experience in the construction industry, but has specialized in demolition for over 20 years. John began his career as a Union Laborer and has worked just about every position in the field. Through his experience, John’s consulting provides expertise knowledge to our staff to ensure our projects run smoothly and efficiently.



Ben Carboni

Assistant Safety Manager 


Since graduating Keene State in May 2018, Ben has joined our Unified Safety team as Assistant Safety Manager after obtaining his degree in Occupational Health and Safety with a minor in Management. Ben brings with him the knowledge he has procured over two internships where he has been able to successfully implement safety strategies with a field crew of up to 300 laborers in a variety of different industries. He is eager to expand his knowledge of field safety within the range of demolition and abatement services with the Unified team. 

Josh Mattson

Field Supervisor 


After working with Unified for five years as a laborer and labor foreman, Josh has recently stepped up to a new position as Field Supervisor. After years of seeing demolition jobs being run- and being tasked with some of our most complicated projects- Josh is now dedicated to overseeing our night time demolition projects. Making sure our crews have proper understanding of the scope of work and are coordinated correctly, Josh uses his extensive, prior experience working in the field to manage ongoing projects.

Roberto Castro 

Warehouse Manager 

Roberto Castro has been with Unified Construction since the inception of the company in 2015. He spent four years working in the field as a demo foreman before taking over as our warehouse manager. The expertise and organization he exemplified in the field made for an easy transition to our warehouse manager. Roberto is responsible for the coordination of the delivery of the necessary tools, materials and equipment to our job sites.

Roberto Oliveira

Field Supervisor 

Roberto Oliveira has been a dedicated member of the Unified Construction Group team for over five years. He started working with us as a laborer and progressed to the position of Demo Foreman through his dedication to his work, accuracy, and his ability to be a leader. Roberto now joins us as Field Supervisor and coordinates with project managers, our labor force and our clients to orchestrate projects efficiently.  

Jim North

Equipment Operations Manager

Throughout his 6 years working with Unified, Jim has continuously developed and strengthened our ability to perform demolition with more advanced equipment and tools. Starting with Unified as a Union laborer and then foreman, Jim would be the go-to guy to operate and oversee projects requiring equipment such as Brokks, Bobcats, and Sherpas. As UCG expanded and grew the complexity of our operations, Jim took on a new role as Equipment Operations Manager. In addition to managing equipment rentals, he oversees the operations of such equipment and trains our field team on how to use them properly, allowing for a more educated and experienced work force.

Sean Connell

Field Supervisor 

Sean Connel has immersed himself in the construction industry for the last ten years and has a resume of experience throughout different areas of the industry. From transporting heavy equipment, working as a laborer in the field doing fire proofing, demolition and floor polishing, to managing fleets of truck, and even owning his own business, Sean has an impressive collection of experience that he brings to Unified. Furthering his experience by learning from some of Unified’s top foremen, Sean acquired additional leadership skills that have carried him into his current role as Field Supervisor. Sean oversees all projects that are run at night to make sure each crew has the resources they need to uphold high quality work and safety practices. As the go-to guy, Sean’s goal is to make sure all projects get completed efficiently and safely. When he isn’t checking in on field operations, Sean enjoys spending time with his newborn daughter, Sadie, and outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and snowmobiling. 


Administration & Finance

Amanda Daley

Accounting Manager 


Amanda has been working in the construction industry for over six years. She started working with Unified as an Administrative Assistant but through her commitment to her work and attention to detail, Amanda now successfully oversees and maintains the payroll, billing and accounting operations at Unified. 

Alyssa Kelley

Payroll Specialist Assistant Safety Manager 


Alyssa came to Unified with 10 years of payroll experience behind her. Her attention to detail and dedication to Unified's employees makes Alyssa an  essential addition to our growing company. Her culinary degree has also positioned her as the office go-to for any cooking-related advice or restaurant suggestions. When Alyssa is not in the office, you can find her out with friends or enjoying football Sunday and making trades on her fantasy football teams!

Shakira Caraballo

Administrative Assistant

Shakira’s roots in customer service in addition to her experience in administrative assisting and construction project coordinating make her a welcome addition to our team. Shakira assists the Unified office staff with its many diverse functions to help daily operations run smoothly. When Shakira isn’t at the office, she loves working out at the gym and going on adventures with her daughter.

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