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Prudential Center: Visitor's Experience

The demolition and abatement that was performed by Unified at the Prudential Center project played an integral role in the building's future amenity center; The Visitor’s Experience.

Prudential Center Mechanical Room Demolition

Our demolition scope was a combination of interior finishes and mechanical removals. Architectural demolition included four top floors, the Top of The Hub restaurant and three bottom parking level floors. The 51st floor mechanical room was completely removed along with two large 50’ X 100’ cooling towers and associated piping and attachments. Demolition also included selective dismantling of the existing two window washing units and removing the Prudential signage on the exterior of the 52nd floor.

Cooling Tower Take Down

The lower parking level finishes were demolished while large concrete deck openings were cut and removed for the installation of two new escalators, two elevators and two new stairways connecting three parking levels.

Manpower ranged from 15-30 laborers depending on schedule and demands of the scope. The use of Sawcutting, Brokk robotic hammers, torch burning and construction of multi-level staging were implemented to complete our work including work on the exterior of the 52nd floor. Safety was of the utmost importance considering the height exposures requiring Unified to assign a specific safety representative solely for the project. The use of tethered tools and tethered hard hats along with full time harnesses were also a project requirement.

"Prudential" Signage Removal

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