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What we're doing to flatten the curve.

Unified is committed to doing our part in protecting our employees, clients, industry partners and community from potential COVID-19 exposure. Learn what we are doing to flatten the curve and how we can help you on-site to do the same. 

Adding to our already safety-focused operations, the COVID-19 pandemic calls for the implementation of additional safety precautions to be put into practice on job sites each day. 

Unified employees follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines associated with COVID-19 and complete a Daily Self-Certifying Survey, temperature screening, and have all been trained and informed of the hazards of COVID-19. All UCG employee will wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment including hard hat, safety glasses, nitrile gloves, and N95 respirator protection while working on a job site.

Here's How We Can Help:

Temperature Screenings: Unified’s trained and certified workforce can assist jobsites with daily temperature screenings.  Working closely with your field staff and superintendents, UCG can help with site logistics and planning to make sure all workers adhere to the CDC, Federal, State and Local pre-work screening guidelines.


Self-Certification Process: Unified is prepared to assist with daily Self-Certification and record keeping of all workers and visitors entering the job site.


Daily Preventative cleaning and sanitation services: UCG’s trained staff of laborers can provide daily preventative cleaning and sanitation  throughout the job site, focusing on common areas, high traffic areas, lunch/break areas, site offices and elevators.  UCG’s team will also clean, sanitize and maintain hand washing and bathroom facilities throughout the day. 

Cleaning and sanitation of material deliveries: With a variety of methods, UCG will clean and sanitize job site materials upon delivery


Planning and Emergency Response:  UCG will work with your team to help maintain and execute your COVID-19 Safety Plan and with Unified Abatement Services provide immediate emergency response services if there is an exposure on the job site.

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