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Sean Connell 

Field Supervisor 

Sean Connel has immersed himself in the construction industry for the last ten years and has a resume of experience throughout different areas of the industry. From transporting heavy equipment, working as a laborer in the field doing fire proofing, demolition and floor polishing, to managing fleets of truck, and even owning his own business, Sean has an impressive collection of experience that he brings to Unified. Furthering his experience by learning from some of Unified’s top foremen, Sean acquired additional leadership skills that have carried him into his current role as Field Supervisor. Sean oversees all projects that are run at night to make sure each crew has the resources they need to uphold high quality work and safety practices. As the go-to guy, Sean’s goal is to make sure all projects get completed efficiently and safely. When he isn’t checking in on field operations, Sean enjoys spending time with his newborn daughter, Sadie, and outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and snowmobiling. 

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