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Mike Newman 

Project Manager 

Mike Newman’s career in construction began with a general interest in engineering before selecting his collegiate major in Building Construction Technology at UMass Amherst. A internship with a large real estate company operating throughout the Eastern United States gave Mike the experience needed to land a job post-graduation as Project Manager at a MA demolition and abatement company, a position he held with the company for 7 years. At Unified Construction, Mike works on estimating and managing demolition projects as a Project Manager. His favorite part of his job is the role he plays in making a difference in communities and being a part of changing the area for the better. Mike’s most notable project in his career to date was the Emerson College Little Building project where he managed a $17M demo job in the theater district; considered to be the largest and most complex abatement and demolition project in downtown Boston.  When Mike isn’t managing grand scale projects, you can find him golfing, skiing, fly fishing or hiking around the New England area.  

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